Art Director and Still-Life Photographer working in advertising, I currently live in Paris. I graduated from Gobelins, in Paris, with a diploma in professional photography and from Olivier de Serres, National School of Arts & Design in Paris, with a BA in Advertising. I also studied Graphic Design at the London College of Communication where I graduated with a Master. It was here that I began to mix photography with graphic design through media collages or surrealistic photography and developed a playful imagery.

I have been working in advertising for prestigious advertising agencies in Paris for 4 years (Mazarine, DDB, Publicis) as well as a freelance photographer for 8 years. My work is about finding a form of beauty through uncanny juxtapositions of elements within the same image. Photography is seen as “a means for making the products of the imagination materially visible” (Breton, Painting & Surrealism).